live in a farm|Bodmin Moor newlyweds take over farm and

At the age of , many are still of where their are . But for Ben , he ’t be more about his of .

After a lot of hard graft, and up , plus a few ’ union along the way, this is now on his own . Ben and his wife are a year into a to and at Farm in , on the of Moor.

“This is a real for us and a to start our own ,” says , 29, who works in . “We don’t have a and we’re not in loads of feed or , so our costs are .”

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them the , who met while at Adams in and tied the knot in , bring to the table a of and their years. A beef ’s son from near ,Ben at Adams and has from on farms the UK and in New . Away fromlive in a farm, he is a farm at the Goss Moor (NNR) owned and by ,with a herd of over 600 .

And not from stockshow bigo live 18+, girl holds a in Agri Food with and has for the dairy brand,Yeo .

At the heart of Ben and Claudia's regenerative mob-grazing system are around 40 native breed Belted Galloway and Red Ruby Devon cattle

At the heart of Ben and 's mob- are 40 breed and Red Ruby Devon (Image: DC Media)

Ben and ’s low costlive in a farm, -based about 40 breed and Red Ruby , as 18-month-old to and at 30 .

The are mob- all year round using an and water 90 acres of -rich , with the of by in (FiPL) by the Area of (AONB).

Grass times vary on the , Ben . Right up to speed with the ,he has all of his to help plan .

“ the [] the are on a 60-day and will graze the whole farm in that timelive in a farm, the grass with two to rest. From the 90 acres we take out what we’re going to cut for hay, which us with an acre to an acre-and-a-half per day. In the we have a much , so the only have half an acre a day but they won’t graze it again for 120 days.”

the most of the will be the 100% grass-fed beef from their ,just a few miles away at T & H Lobb in . Chock full of and slow-grownlive in a farm, Ben and want to build up a loyal base of local who will for their cuts and .

Over time, the will be to add pork to their after of three Sandy and Black cross .

Ben Thomas with his three Oxford Sandy and Black and Tamworth cross weaners

Ben with his three Sandy and Black and cross (Image: DC Media)

says: “We want our meat to be and we’re firm that it is for the local . If we can sell what we here to in the all us, I think that’s and great for their too – meat that is in an way and -fed. In turn we will be other local such as the , , and who come to carry out work on the farm.”

She adds: “ , than to ,will mean that the value of our is and not lost on the .”

While still in itscách live stream lol trên fb, Ben and say the to is a of , grass and more to , that was most the .

“I didn’t have to worry about where the cows were going we had ahead of us,” Ben . “Other farms us were up, but the grass to our soil from the heat.

“I had come from on other farms, but I didn’t have any of mob . When the field has been left for 60 days and you go back in to set up the fence it’s alive with bees, and . to a field which looks like a green, the long grass so much life.”

is one of 40 ‘Farm Net Zero’ farms in by the Farm and, , will be over the next five years to see if the mob has soil and . “It will be to see how that turns out,” Ben adds.

Ben and Claudia's Belted Galloway and Red Ruby Devon cattle will be out-wintered

Ben and 's and Red Ruby Devon will be out- (Image: DC Media)

Ben and ’s start-up story is also set to be on- as the in a film.

by Colin and by , Six Of Soil on both new and who are to build a that on the of the soil and .

Among its aims is to the and of and ; how the “soil food web” is a that with the , and ; and “ the myth of food ” and how the can still have “, food while being ”.

and , the film is to next .

Ben and say their in the has not only to build with other – the , but also to home. “As a it can be hard to put out there,” says Ben. “But the I am and the I am from being is just .

“The crew are not away from big . It makes you think about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and you can do . And that’s an here on the farm, at work [Goss Moor] and on my ’ farm as they are in the of to a more model. your is for .”

With 2023 their first since to , Ben and are not and ideas to their . on hold due to bird flu fears, the are in the form of – or – to their beef and pork.

to the farm, to where their food comes from, is that is about. She says: “We’ve got lots of ideas, it’s just it all – and that it’s not going to in the first year or two. It’s going to take a bit of time to get there.”

As well as her role, two lets at and hopes are that, in time, will be able to enjoy fresh on the farm.

Ben adds: “It takes a while for the to start that , so pigs and some would help to and cash flow. Plus if it means that and I can our time away from the farm and be more home-based then that’s .”

And the of their , Ben and are to prove the wrong and show that you don’t need to grass .

“A lot of don’t their grass ,” Ben says. “Just by more often you will see big gains, and I think there’s huge scope for to more in its . that’s the film [Six Of Soil] will be able to help with in the . of our , we are good at grass here in the South West and have an to this and look at .”

He : “’s views can be quite in the food and the , you’re a food or you’re a after . But here at we want to prove that you can do both. The mob is that it is to high beef while .

“The first full will be a big test for us,but so far the signs are good. It’s verylive in a farm|Bodmin Moor newlyweds take over farm and, . Never once have I , ‘I can’t be to go out and move the fence’. It’s nice to be out in the in the fresh air.”

Farm on for the . And for about the Six Of Soil , visit the


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