live healthy|英文原版对话1000个:741 Staying Healthy Overseas


Todd: OK, now Keren, we're about , and you live ,, and we both know it's quite hard to stay .

Keren: Yeah.

Todd: First of all, can you talk about Spain? When you lived in Spain was it easy to stay in Spain?

Keren: ,it's easy to stay in Spain. The 's good and I like so I had the to go and there's lots of areas to go along the river or along the beach so it was easy there.

Todd: And where did you live in Spain?

Keren: I lived in and .

Todd: Very nice. OKlive healthy, now how about Peru? Now you lived in Peru, ? Where did you live?

Keren: I lived in Lima.

Todd: And was it easy to keep a in Peru?

Keren: Well, the fruit and are cheap so, and fruit are , in Peru. has their own food to make fruit so in terms of food you can stay , , . And there's also lots of gyms in Lima . Going to the gym is very there.

Todd: No way.

Keren: Yeah, yeah.

Todd: Well,what about Japan?

Keren: Japan is kind of the of Peru I find the fruit and verylive healthy|英文原版对话1000个:741 Staying Healthy Overseas,very and so I tend not to buy fruitlive healthy,onlylive healthy, and I can't how the cost.

Todd: Right. It is crazy, the .

Keren: Yeah, it's , and it rains a lot in Japan, I think so it makes it more to go .

Todd: OK, and just ,how about back home inchelsea vs aston villa live,is it very easy for you to stay in ?

Keren: I the diet is not so . We tend to like our fatty and fatty foods but there's lots of free or cheap to do . There's many pools and many gyms solive healthy,yeahomukae desu live action, if you have the right , it's easy to stay there. Yeah.

Todd: OK, well, Keren.

Keren: It's OK.

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