live gold prices|Singles Day gold rush beckons foreign se

China’s e- has given birth to . Now, with the Day just the on , more are the gold rush. They want to sell not only in China but in their own .

live gold prices

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“This is the most and busy time of year for us — Nov 11 sales and the ,” said Jay , head of at -based , a that on and Tmall into for in China.

“Our team is about the spree this year and we’ll have the team 24 hours a day to make sure are ,” said on .

,which was in 2016 bylive gold prices, Tyler McNew and , has 60,000 users, ,with 18lumine playing piano live wallpaper,000 in the past year.

The site aims to make the for , from to in .

said that 1 items have been on so far this year — at more than 60 yuan ($8.5 ) — with split male and . Of the , 25 are based in , 20 in and 13 in , the top three where live.

More like are the gold mine cross- e- or as who buy made in China and sell them in their home .

A who at and goes by the name An Ping a in China in May — Co — to with .

The 29-year-old his with four last year after for four years in , .

“When I came to China in 2014, I found that goods here are high and cheap. by my in , I came up with the idea of goods to in ,” he said.

His story went viral of the he made of the low of Day to lure in his home to place in .

An told Daily that he is adept at using e- and media to his . He buys from China’s e- such as and them in a shop in ,. Then he makes bulk of those items that are most with there.

In thelive gold prices|Singles Day gold rush beckons foreign se, most of his were and , but now he is more than 10,000 from — , and the of Congo — to buy goods.

“Bags,shoeslove live school idol project tap 1, , books and tea made in China are among the items that sell best in ,” said Anlive gold prices,who 30live gold prices,000 yuan per week to items for his in .

made in China are more to its fast- e- and trade.

There’s a group on “The Lao Gan Ma ” for of Lao Gan Ma chili sauce from . The group has more than 2live gold prices,900 , and many have of food with the sauce.

| China Daily

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live gold prices

live gold prices

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