live game streaming|Tencent live streaming is here – Is your

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live is here – Is your brand ready?

live game streaming


This was by Becty Yanwhere are you live, who leads a team of that in and . You can Becty via email: .

There is no that over the past five years, live in China’s has taken the by storm, the way with , and new ones. This sales- has on e- sites for the Day, the in the world. It is that from live will reach $US6.1 this year, more than that of 2016.

, one of China’s e- uses its live- to real-time sales. ,such as cut out small to who are to top KOLs. The live is soon set to and open up to these .live game streaminglive game streaming, the of – China’s media , has it is its own live , “ live ” to fill the short space that had been from their . In 2020, it plans to help 100,000 to 1.5 USD in live e- .

live game streaming

To put into ,Live has 200 daily userslive game streaming, and Live has 350 daily . only began to test live on in late 2019, the of daily users (1 ) huge for .

be and ready to take of this new which can with mini- to ., other live that exist to sales, live can be used for such as brand , ,and new .

live game streaming

Solive game streaming, how this new to best their goals ?

for FMCG for quick sale , your live and it with your mini where can place an order away.

for most , using live to with an Q&As, and other is an way to build a brand’s image and over . This is for sales and .

for ,such asgái thủ dâm live, and other in the B2B , or can be via live . This the with and helps these sales .

or event live

to the live of or of or , live ,with users who can belive game streaming|Tencent live streaming is here – Is your, and the of and can be .

live is the move we have seen from the in years and it is to the live game. Its is not only to help in real-time sales , but to help build long-term and in the to -loop the .END.

Each month this blog will share the , , and data about the China . It will also media and case to the that are to find in the .

As a of Media (UMS), we want to help you stay up-to-date with China’s and fast .

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live game streaming

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