live from meaning|Dad claims decision by Newcastle United

A dad said a by the box has left his twin sons to get for the Cup final.

, 43, and his 13-year-old boys Sonny and have in the at St James' Park. The trio have three out of four of the cup games at home this .

This would have put them into three for to the final at . They have all been able to for the game on 8.

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Steven Liddle's 13-year-old sons Sonny (left) and Lennon (right).

's 13-year-old sons Sonny (left) and (right). (Image: Live)

said the box put all three for one of the cup games onto his – it look like his sons had only two cup games of three. This meant the into four and were both in the .

said he is now the only one with a for the game on 26. It is the first time the Toon has a cup final for more than two .

The , from ,said: “It's been for melive from meaning, it's an .

“I've had to go home from work and tell two upset boys that they aren't going to . to that to my twin boys has me.

“Both of them were it means . We have built it up and we have two rooms . I'm I'm not going to be there with my boys.”

, Sonny and have had at the since the boys were four years old.

Steven Liddle (left) with Lennon (middle) and Sonny (right).

(left) with () and Sonny (right). (Image: Live)

Ahead of the cup game in last year,was to their seats . He said he the box and was told that their seats had been sold by the club.

The dad-of-three said he was given three new seats in a area of thelive from meaningứng dụng live stream show hàng, all three of their were put onto his . He said he did not what the box had done until he on to their cup final .

Those who for three are who have three or four home Cup 2022/23. The to put all the onto 's made it look like his sons had only two cup games, while he had three.

He was to learn that his boys had been to four (the ) – that have one or two home Cup 2022/23.

, who is to Paula,45live from meaning, said: “I know it's a cup game but I just to be able to sit in my own seat. I ended up time out of work to visit the box and they three in the .

“They put all three on my than on their . I just don't know why the box did that. Now it looks like they have only been to two games and I have been to three, which is wrong.

“My have been with me all the time in three. It was a – a error.”

Steven Liddle with his wife Paula, sons Sonny and Lennon and daughter Isis Annabelle.

with his wife Paula with their (Image: Live)

said he the box about the and was told he could drop down to the with his sons or he could his and, if his sons were in the , they would all be .

He said he opted to his as he hoped it would give his sons a in the . was left when his sons were not any .

He said he has still not he will the game yet due to the which his had been put in. He has about how the has left and their to the final .

He said: “I just feel like I have been . It's so when we have had for years and we haven't many games.

“To make worse other kids they know, who have been to one game, have got . They were about it at and they came home upset.

“It's just in the house,. The boys are like 'Do you have to golive from meaning|Dad claims decision by Newcastle United, can you not stay up here?' It's so , I feel hard done by, by the club I love.”

The said they have the club about the they have faced but are yet to hear back.

Steven and Paula Liddle's three children

and Paula 's three (Image: Live)

A said: “We are very sorry that many of our the world have not been able to match on this . We that every wants to be there to the team at and we offer our to who has been left .

“, has the of we have been for the Cup Final and we are to more. With this in mind, we our sales very and hard to were made to in as fair and a way as .

“, we a set of based on – ,of and Cup the 2022/23 .

“97% of the the have been byi live alone vietsub, with a very small made to and with a in the Cup. This is in line with our on-sale of the .

“In , a small has been to our hard- full-time staff,our and ’live from meaning, our and our at a ratio that in to other clubs that have cup in years.

“We this will be to any who has out, but we hope the above is in how have been . Your is truly .”

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