live forever|”Live Forever” lyrics

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Make ’em countlive foreverlive forever, make ’em

Make it now, live

Is this all there is?

and and hours and days?

That’s all we get and when it ends

Do we faint like the they put on our

Am I just a dash

the that fate will

Is true that lasts

Or is there a way to my life?


I don’t wanna live for now

I don’t wanna live for now

I wanna live

live forever

I wanna live

I just wanna make it count

I don’t wanna live for now

I wanna live

I wanna live now


Make ’em count,make ’em

live forever

Make it nowlive forever, live

They say you get one life

Go on, do feels right

There’s no

Here and now is all that

But I know this is not as good as it gets

There’s more to life than what my eyes can see

I want my song to sing for

I wanna live like I know the life

That waits for me is


Gotta keep my eyes on the prize

There ain’t no in my mind

More than a in time

live forever

I’m gonna live, live

I know I’m just

To the other side of the blue

This world’s got on you

I’m gonna live, live


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Make ’em count, make ’em

Make it now, live [x2]

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