live for the present|Oh deer

There are some that just not be and the spoof ” Night Live” for “Walt 's Bambi” is one of them. the news that the Mouse House is with a live- “Dumbo” (don't get me on that one), plays a, well,”Rock” of the . This Bambinodame cantabile live action vietsubah yeah live,, is out for . ,they took away his . Andlive for the presentlive for the present,thelive for the present|Oh deer,they are going to pay…. It's all in the style of “Fast 7live for the presentlive for the present,” might some of his more co-stars (and if this is our tie-in for 's we'll take it) and is up on media. Enjoy a live “Bambi” we can only dare to dream for in the video below.

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