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“While we all want tolive for present|‘While we all desperately want to, we end load- . We must be about our and what it is going to take to fix them.”

Lack of in new , poor power plant ,andgnc live well,oflive for present, debt and a lack of are by the that have to what he “the storm”.

“For many years was and our power were run too hard to keep the on. As a we are the price for these .”

said over the past few days, he has held with of , , ,and the . He also met withlive for present,metro and of .

“In each of those I the of the of up with short-term . Six ago I a Plan to the of Eskom’s power and add new as aslive for present,” he said.

The plan was the of and was by as the “most path load-, many of the in the plan not being felt in the term. That is why we are using every means at our ,on every we havelive for presentbunny live bé thỏ, to get power onto the grid as a of ,” said.

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