live events|WWE Main Event results: Dana Brooke vs

Last week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Wells Fargo inlive events|WWE Main Event results: Dana Brooke vs, ,’s of Raw.

Reed Akira (4:45)

This was fine for what it was. Reed but not as to get in lots of in this short match.

Reed to Main Event for the first time since June 2021 when he made his debut on this very show. Thenlive eventsvsmart 4 live, it was Drew Gulak who he but this week, it was of .

They aired a of Reed on Raw last week to Kevin quite why would match with Reed after what . Byron that it must be that to prove .

At first,this like it would be anpong kyubi live, but it into much more as spent most of the bout to Reed. ,rest holds werelive events, but the crowd got the ’s .

Not only did to take Reed off his feet, but he him with a DDT after a dive to the . The crowd loved this and began to cheer even more for him.

It was, of , all for as Reed out of the way of ’s and him off with a top rope to his run since his to the .

Nikki Cross Dana (7:22)

This was fine with Cross to get her new over.

They aired a where Cross to be on the back of some while . She at the and us.

These two have a lot, both on the road and on this show. They have both got over the last few years with very much the and Cross the heel here.

They went 50/50 in the early until Cross the apron and the ring and her, as we went to the .

They pin after the break until Cross used a wing and a half crab to wear down. When she her way out, they in the and both went down.

was up first and used the to make her with a to the and a .

But in the end,Cross out of a and her with the . sold it like she was out cold to make it two in two for Cross this year.

As the ref onlive events, Cross back and forth on the apron. I think I liked her as Nikki ASH.

Final :

There was much to write home about this week as there were no or feuds. The run of NXT call-ups also this week,but it was fun to see Reed back inlive events, as is such good value.

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