live events|Fortnite The Kid LAROI Wild Dreams event

The Kid LAROI is the to get their own in-game event in . Wild will a from thelive events, as well as an .

As part of the Icon , will have the to jump into a event, one that the life and music of The Kid LAROI.

Here’s when the Wild ,and what you’ll get for . You’ll also find some info on what to from the eventlive events|Fortnite The Kid LAROI Wild Dreams event, what time the with it will .

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4 1 . The Kid LAROI Wild event start and end times

The Wild event will go live at the times in , on 27th:

The event will end at the same times above, on April 27, 2023.

To the event, just head to the tab and look for the Wild . , you can input the code: 2601-0606-9081.

What is the Wild event in ?

The Kid LAROI Wild event is a where can jump into an and watch a . Here’s how it’s on the news post:

“In this , will quest the ‘,’ a jam- LAROI fan- music and new music. the , can join LAROI for the . In the , to the Wild mix on loop and get a look at the life of LAROI — both on tour and .”

After you’ve the and the Wild , there’s even an that can be via the tab. This will take you to a , where you can hang out with , and to The Kid LAROI music.

4 1 is here, with a new , the of and the to beat! We’ve also got a list for and Cozy Lodge and pizza slice .,learn how to get XP fastlive events,earn thelive events, find and earn a Crown.


As part of The Kid LAROI’s tie-in, there will be a set of going live at the same time as the event. These need to be the ,and will grant you upon . bybooyah live, these will be to while the is , ,using and to the beat.

The Kid LAROI event

By thelive events,you will have the to earn the items after The Kid LAROI:

You’ll also learn XP for and the Wild event. Note that the event isfc2 live jp, and can be via the tab, or by the code: 4294-0410-6136.

If you would like to learn more about 4 1, visit our on the Scout, how to get XP fast, , and .

To see this .

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