live event|Glastonbury Festival: Locals concerned a

have fears about plans by to to hold the world event at Farm.

Since 2010, Ltd. (GFEL) has had to hold the and other at Farm on the basis of a – which is due to in 2024. GFEL back in 2021 that a to this would not be , since it was ” to best ” as laid out by .

GFEL has for the and to have , which would ” more and ” in the years to come. Here's what you need to know:

What is being ?

live event

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The ,iflive event|Glastonbury Festival: Locals concerned a, would allow the to take place on the site in :

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The would also allow the ” ” of the Stage, along with a used for and , and the of land to the . It be noted that the is also to its – so even if were ,it would still need to with thelive eventlive event, noise and so forth in order to .

A for ( GFEL) said: “The grant of will and the of the and most music and arts in .

” into the and wider ,the and as set out and thegimkit live, there is an case that in of the .”

How have local ?

live event

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The of local has been mixed, to say the least. Geoff said the would in “the of use from a farm to a and site”, which would ” the “.

and : “If the site a site, we are that could on the site any . The its own due to the lack of from main roads, only one off the A361,and we would be the of be .”

– said the plans would have “long- and deep ” to and would ” 's right to a of their of years”. She added; “This issue does not to have been given any reallive eventlive event,given the track of noise from the site both the and the where the is and taken down.

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“This makes Farm an asset to sell as a going for Mr Eavis' . There are no or with a in for the of the site to that the to their ' lives and is as these over time.”

said she the in but was about the noise which the held on the site would in the years to come. She said: “I that the is all part of in and I don't to it in .

“live secx, I do have the noise from the dance tents, which carry on until 6am. and those not the are still to a of sleep.”

Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis at the 2022 event

Eavis at the 2022 event

Simon Lodge, by , said the plans “make sense”, GFEL had ” that they to the of the , and year on year the of the to “. He : “These bring a great deal of and to the local , being the major for many and clubs.

“It is also good for and of how the is, again in much- money and to local and . I feel in , in all the the has to .”

Jo -Wray, who has lived in the for 20 years, : “We are truly to live in this and have the these give us, so long may they . -Lyons added: “To me it seems to make sense to the on a more , and the of to this is a step that will the need for etc. in the build-up to the event.

“The is a huge asset to the , and the as a whole, both and , and I am proud to share a with it. Long may it .”

What next?

live event

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Nigel -, whose and ward the site, has that a final be taken by the 's board than the of its .

If no is made on the plans by March 31, any will fall to the new .


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