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Pubs, cafes and and are on some tasty for the 's first event, after a ” few years” for the .

More than 20 have up for A Taste of and ,which runs from –live event, 25 until , 5.

the event, by and , food and will be event menus or their menu at the four price of £5, £10, £15 or £20. It's to the area's food and drink scene and to their .

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are being to share of them at the event on media by using the #eland in their posts.

, for ,andteenagers ought to live,said: “It has been a few years for the and we hope the the areas food and with the to what they have to offerlive event, boost trade and new a for .

“We have a and ,café and pub scene in andlive event, and this is a great for and to try them out.”

Redcar and Cleveland Council is holding the borough's first hospitality event - with pubs, cafes and restaurants taking part. Pictured Wayne and Helen Leonard, owners of Cookfella’s Wine Bar and Eatery in Guisborough. Image 3 – Afternoon tea at Wilton Golf Club.

tea at Golf Club (Image: )

Helen , owner of ’s Wine Bar and in ,said it's for local to the “-ownedlive event|A Taste of Redcar and Cleveland: Full li,great we have in and “.

“ us to local and with a offer gives the to try us outlive stream trên youtube,” she added. “We have been a part of week which has been a for us to gain new , so even to home is a win-win for us.

“Who doesn’t want to try a menu for £20, a real for to great food and 's .”

, club at Golf Club, added: “We are ‘A Taste of and ’ to equip our local with a of what a golf club can offer to the whole ,over and above golf .

“ Golf Club is a gemlive event, away at the foot of the Eston Hills and by an of trees – views to enjoy your . ‘A Taste of and ’ will and the local an to enjoy a tea or that dish, a parmo, with and to be a of the club.”

To take part visit Enjoy ( for of all the and their menus and any to take with you.


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