live die repeat|【演讲】特鲁多2022年圣诞致辞

NB:This may not be a word-for-word .

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24live die repeat|【演讲】特鲁多2022年圣诞致辞, 2022

live die repeat

Merry , !

Like of , my is to the tree and spend some time .

It’s the time of year when slow down a bit, when – Die Hard – are on ,when some of us keep an ear out for the sound of on the rooflive die repeat, and when we all take a to those who make our lives .

This year, I’m of who go the extra mile to make our a place. I’m of of the Armed who are our and the we share. I’m of the , , and first who will be the . And I’m of who find ways to show up for their and .

2022 was a year,and for manylive die repeat,this won’t be easy. But I’m that will to be there for each other in 2023live bigo kiếm tiền, that’s just who we are. We show up for each other. And when times are tough,we stand . We’ve been a lot as alive die repeat, but it all,have the true ofbigo live là app gì, , and hope.

For , this is a time where we the birth of and the of peace and joy that comes with it. No your , these are you can bring as you the .

So, as we come under the of , as we share a glass of good cheer with and , as we the , , aunts, , and we haven’t seen in so long, and as we those that ’s , let’s how we are to live in a of peace – a where can live out their faith and be proud of the they . And as we look ahead to the new year,let’s to stand as we build a for all .

From my to yourslive die repeat, ,, Ella-Grace, , and I wish you joy, , love, and peace this . Merry .

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