live chart oil|Crude oil trading

trend of major GOLD, , CRUDE, ZINC, LEAD, GAS, ,daily. Using Chartlive chart oil,World Data newslive chart oillive chart oil|Crude oil trading,the trend of MCX and major and daily. Short term and this .eriksen live, new use “LIVE ” for . news can trend , so use stop stop loss while . using this read .


Date: 02–2018



is allow funds in . with in 6 .This will and Good news .



live page chart.



use ‘ live’ ‘Live ’ to study trend of Gold, ,Crude and . Due to in Gold, and Crude oil.Do trade in , Zinc,and Lead.

Crude oil

In Crude chart can findlive chart oil, 30 min, 1hour . the ‘Bar’s style’ to“ Ashi” (Last drop down inthe chart ). Ashi is which shows what , and big ,or ? If they then you also buy and in case you also sell. Trade the trend.Green and red . So when Green buy till red is . in down trend sell when is and hold is .

Watch 3rd in the chart which ‘’. Watch line is below 20 is in lower level. This and any may to trend. level is below 20 your point.

When line is above 80app xem gái live,in over zone which is . This is your point. ‘ Ashi’ line you can know are doing and what and exit point is. Use in 30 Minlive chart oil, 1 hour and to get .

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