live chart currency strength meter|Live World Currency Conve


What’s new in 1.3

– a graph of rate

– App Live Rates Money – the way to over 168 and get live rates right on your .

Our easy Live Money Rate is a light and tool. You can over 168 for free on your ! You can for any you want and also for rate. We all our rates each to keep you with the in all .

Then our app is a must have app for you. We know that most of those uses like Euro or . But with our applive chart currency strength meterlive chart currency strength meter|Live World Currency Conve, you can see the price of this in your local a few and !

Why to and our app on your to see live rate of of other apps?

– We have a very Easy to use,so can use it any . We hard to make to you.

– Start using our multi App anlive 4 cũ,solive chart currency strength meter, it now and start using it a few .

– The best thing is that our easy Money is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there is No

fees, no and no . is free here!

live chart currency strength meter

– We will keep you with rates for over 168 . You will even find the rate of here.

– Clear and very easy to use user .

– Our app will be each to keep you with rates of over 168 and it !

– Our team hard to a new smart mode. This mode will save the rates when you are and will let you see them even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G ! !

– app for and will let them see rates of from all over the world.

– Set in the menu and stop time each time you want to your local money to other .

– Want to see – Rates apps ? It’s with our app. All what you have to do is to from the menu, the money from which you want to , also of such as ,Eurolive chart currency strength meter,Poundlive chart currency strength meter, … And it’s all! We will show you live rates in this .

– Our app is and it doesn’t the . So, you can use it as much as you want about your or life.

– Know how much money you spend when you the world with our !

How to use our multi – Live Rates ?

① First, you need to and our app on your play store for Free.

live chart currency strength meter

② the from which you want to , type how much do you want to using the .

③ , you need to the that you want to to. After that, you will get the rate.

Very easy!

A yet easy live rate. Our easy up-to-date rates for ALL as legal in stats, UN , or and their .

So,What are you for ? our – Live Money Rate now and enjoycry cry live, Euro, and over 168 for Free right on your !

We are to the best user for our users.We are also for your , or ., feel free to email us at ” ” so we can .


– a graph of rate


– a graph of rate

live chart currency strength meter


: 4.2 / 5 – 148 votes

by , app! it doesn’t work. I’m to the and it says I’m not. then it . just a piece of trash. don’t .

by Cinda ,Wow great app

by Loi Huynh,Fast and . Free too. Ads aren’t that !!

by Asher Reed,This is such a good app. I would it to my

by OSCAR ,. . Easy to , easy to use.



live chart currency strength meter




3.0+ (SDK 11)


live chart currency strength meter



Live World – Rates Cal 1.3 (4)

Added on: 2017-08-13

File Size: 3 MB

: 3.0+ (SDK 11)


Live World – Rates Cal 1.2 (3)

Added on: 2017-01-11

File Size: 3.1 MB

: 3.0+ (SDK 11)


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