live camera|CamStream – Live Camera Streaming APK

Live and your video !

You can share your to any or pc on the same media , web ,,and UPnP / DLNA (Smart TV or other ).

You can (IRL ) tolive cameranono live trực tiếp game, , ,and any other .

are :

[✔] to media and tools such as VLClive camera,XBMC/KODIgalaxy buds live, OBS (Open ),and …

[✔] to web

[✔] IRL tolive camera, , ,and …

[✔] to UPnP / DLNA video such as XBMC/KODI

[✔] to UPnP / DLNA such as Smart TVlive camera|CamStream – Live Camera Streaming APK, Blu Ray ,and

[✔] Cast™ Ready ()

[✔] Image and web

[✔] Apply video

[✔] your video with audio (live camera, audio file or URL)

[✔] and chat while you

[✔] with (wifi, , USB)

[✔] Many to

us for that may arise or any at

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