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hip-hop trio Live Human plays rare show in

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SAN — One of the best the of hip-hop and jazz, – San trio Live Human has been its for over a of a .

DJ Quest (aka ) was well known for his and by the time the group was in 1996. A DJ who had to house and by 1990, Quest was one of the of – Bay Area crew the (along with DJ Cue and Eddie Def) and the /DJ tool .


Quest also was the DJ who the term ” style” for the way he to his mixer in ( would later a ” ” on that would flip the of the with the push of a ). Quest up with and to form Live Human, an trio that the of both jazz and hip-hop DJing into a new sound.

While the was as an in a jazz over a with DST’s to the tune “,” Live Human took the to a new level Quest’s and the of the ( and has in ).

/DJ Quest- Jazz Fest

A self- live would catch the of UK label Fat Cat,which an EP of songs from that first the group issue it’s : The New in 2000. The band would that album indie-rocklive by night (2017), rave for their mix of hard- and more .

The trio would tour and wow at the Jazz in 2001,home and live album — Human Live at the Great Music — that their . The group would take it’s time with it’s next as the spent time on other ; Quest with a of MCs and while also his own sololive by night (2017)|Groundbreaking instrumental hip, while and music for dance while sang with of ,a 30- male a choir to the music of Cohen.

The band would to and self-nba live hack,a vinyl tool that the trio would give to a host of SF DJs DJhow am i supposed to live without you the voice, , DJ Oaty Love and DJ Zeph who were in the [] CD in 2007. The group would go on from , but live San , they still had not lost touch with their style of beat .

Party-1 3rd, 2017

The trio up its as its 20th , live with more and its most , which the group in early 2017. deep into their free jazz and bebop roots with Quest an of horn and , and , the trio has made its most jazz- album yet. Live Human has been since then, its have busy with their own , ‘ work with dance ODC and his late and — who away in 2020 — ‘s of solo and mixes the 2019 and the Bach 2Da two years later.

has since to ,he still pays his . Last yearlive by night (2017),the group a of songs that mixed with in- . For this to the stage in San (their first since the )live by night (2017),Live Human will at and shop on 24th with plans to use the for a .

Live Human

live by night (2017), 3, 6 p.m. free


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