live and let die|【歌词】Next is the E / 歌手:Moby

Limp – The Story

just live and let die

checklive and let dielive and let die,checklive and let dielive and let die,checkbanhkhuc livelove live maki cards, comon

if you could take a of your life

a when you feel the

is the only level of that

but it’s your and you know you’ll own it.

in the grace by your

when your done,you

this life as we learn

and when the wrong pages turn

it’s an E! true story

take a man down with his own glory

now guess who’s next

at some point we come down from the highs

it’s no big deal we move on with our lives

and some of us let the last color cries

do the mathlive and let die|【歌词】Next is the E / 歌手:Moby, you can laugh when I die

if life is just a life then could you

live this life for would you

just that the doors are not

and the are

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