live alone|Doireann Garrihy wanted to be alone the

has said it has been a mad few after her first house in and she to be alone on the first day she got the keys.

The and has moved back in with her in while she waits for the place to be .

But the has out for her her mom will be able to look after her doglive alonelive alonelive alone|Doireann Garrihy wanted to be alone the, as well as care of her meals.

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said: “As who to, or has, a house, will know,you want to tear your hair out more than you get to feellive alonetango – live video broadcasts, until you have the keys in your hands.

“I made a point of being on my own that first day that I the front door with . It was was just a real of, 'Well, this is what it has all been for'.

“It is a major fixer-upper.”

is now back in her home while she waits for her house to be fixed up.

She told the RTÉ Guide: “I was to stay in my until I could move into the house, but then I just how long it is going to take,so I have moved in with my .

“The is great I am into with the Stars and you knowa567y live,to have my mom's and to be when I am busylive alone, is just a off. I am so to them.”

Jennifer Zamparelli and Doireann Garrihy

and (Image: )

will co- the new of with the Stars . She will take over from Nicky Byrne, who down due to his .

She said: “I got a call in last year to ask me if I had heard that Nicky 't be to DWTS. I hadn't, but the team told me they would love me to -test.

“I just had this buzz and I said to that I would give it .

“I did the -test and I felt like it went well, and then I was back for the ' test' with Jen and as I left that, I had this of 'I dont think I could have done any more.'”

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and Jen got to bond on a night out .

She joked: “It is how all the best are ; you have to go out and have a bit of a bop. It is so nice to feel like you are with a woman's woman. She is in your .”


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