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The focus of the Jump cover is to the anime, but the is still nice.

This bold from is still . of how this could be,I read this in hopes of Mutolive action one piecelive zalo apk, not and each.

yet to have the two / while on . It’s , but it works; the speed lines the of the , but they aren’t out of place,the are .


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race the clock in an to his speed is . This is about as close to a arc as can getlive action one piece, and it’s being off well.

needs to open up to Kaya more. , she is the voice of .

is the type to sneak ’s back and visit with a . I hope the focus on this ,I don’t want him intodang ky tai khoan live, but this has .


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of , we’re being “” to more pages of his life. As with other , it’s not that the of these pages is poor when , but it’s how this is meant to so much after so . He’s too new of a to carry drama like this.

not only the beans about being the of a duo than a , but he also how each of them are new . The fact that is a duo never to be a – , but ’s and ’s worry makes it seem as some plot will as a of this being made to the .

is , in the cold, with a dog. This is a yet dip in from Ohba. sad at the isn’t going to help . If the plot him is this vital, he have been over of ; now that we’re in this , ,with an suchlive action one piece, the best thing to do is to relax a and let in to the cast. , Ohba is to force him into where he just doesn’t feel right, and as a , this arc is to .

, , next arc

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, ,next arc

Final Flash: “Too much ” is anlive action one piecelive action one piece|Shonen Beam, but it still . Aside from that, was fun.

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