live abroad and travel the world|travel造句


2、Rail is than air .

3、 .


5、We’ll by rail.

6、To by bus.

7、Space is bunk.

8、Those who need can get extra .

9、Many Tours for to .

10、Check that your .

11、The is to .

12、Time may be .

13、Will you ?

14、be,golive abroad and travel the worldvietnam iraq live, live,

15、to the whole world

16、Let’s the world.

17、Thee ! Our whole go out ! Where to ? To to South Korea!

18、 can be into three parts: group ,and self- .

19、The has three plans to deal withlive abroad and travel the world, rush and peak.

20、Don’t renew .

21、I’m going to the world.

22、Do you like by air?

23、It the .

24、It’s to .

25、Their well but our are too to far.

26、For some , books is a for .

27、We are where we [where to ] to.

28、Rail is ,and than by car.

29、‘ won’t by airlive abroad and travel the worldlive abroad and travel the world|travel造句demacia cup 2016 live, ’he said. He said ‘t by air.

30、For ,to the oflive abroad and travel the world, have to high-end or cost- ;

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