live abroad and travel the world|阅读理解. As a boy growing up i

As a boy up in India, I had to .I used to to the my

would tell me about his stay in and tours to in the 1970s,with great .

My big came in the of 1998 when I was able to my to

live abroad and travel the world, where my was to a .We to to ,and

West .

I have vivid even today of going to at night all about going

.I had heard great about till then but now I got to them

first handlive abroad and travel the world, the to .We flew class and even today I can the

by the crew.The was and , even for like me, who is of .

After two weeks in , we took the from to ,for our .What a that was! All along the Rhine (莱茵河)live abroad and travel the world, it was an .I was in a mood on the back to as it the end of a ,but the crew were able to it into a most

yet againlive love, with the of their .

Being the first to take me ,will hold a place in my heart.Even

todaylive abroad and travel the worldlive abroad and travel the world|阅读理解. As a boy growing up i,I to enjoy on and dream of any other .

trót yêu live,in , for me, has been an ( and ). on , , is I have and will look to.

1.Which does the live in now?





2.What made the so in ?

A. up in India.

B.Once in .

C.Once to with his .

D.His ‘s about his .

3.Which of the is TRUE about the ‘s trip to in 1998?

A.The with one of his .

B.Both their going and are by air.

C.They in that year.

D.They in for two .

4.It can be from the that is .

A.a city in India

B.a city in


5.The word “” in the 4th means “”.





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