live a little|Smyths Toys bans boy from buying toy wit

A mum has been left after her boy was from a toy with his own money. The mum a Toys her lad from using his to a toy .

Emily White,26live a little,says her two-year-old boy even had saved up cash to boy the toy. Store staff told him that he 't use his own money and that the mum would have to use her card or pay with a note as there is a limit of £10 for to use coins to buy items.

The mum even to staff that she had taken her son to spend money he had saved in a money tinlive a little,and to treat him. She added that she had gone the job of the money out “so it wasn't just small “live a little|Smyths Toys bans boy from buying toy wit,Live.

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Emily said: “I took [my son] to to pick what he . We were roundlive a little,he was what he wantscách chốt đơn trên shopee live, we get to the till. My mum out the bag with the money in and the is like 'I can't take that'. We said 'what do you mean?' “She said it again and said she'd get over to it to us. So came over and said 'sorry, we can't take that but there's a cash at the 's'.”

Emily was left at this ,as she said that the was a fair away from the toy shop. The mum said: “They [ staff] said 'come backlive a little, pay for the toys,and then it's all '. Well at that point my mum was what was .

“We were told there was a £10 limit on how much you can spend in coins. So I just got my card out and paid for it on my cardchikii-let’s hang out pc games live among us, as you would I didn't want my child to go . I just think it's a bit that my child is three in and he needs to learn the value of money and that's how they dealt with it.” Toy has been for a .


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