live a little|Santa Barbara’s most recommended restaur

The city of Santa is known as the . Its south- are with and its hills to the north are home to some of the world’s most , Oprah , Ellen and, , Harry and , the Duke and of .

It’s also one of the most for from who want to the and of city life and relax in one of the most in .

So as a major hub that has an that on , why is a pizza chain one of the most in the city?

It’s and,, a bit (in a fun way).

It all on the media site . The is a tool for niche and – it’s also full of jokes and memes.

Those jokes are how on a go-to for up for .

To how this ,it’s to how works.

as a whole is an of sites () that exist to allow for to with other with . The has alive a little, there’s a for in the stock , of dogs using has its own , and there are even more hyper- to the of life or the of the .

There are also to , one of which is /r/.

The idea of a city is, in its form, a place for to the day-to-day of the city, over made by city , about the cost of rent or just about the “good ol’ days” the city was by this or that.

But can post in these , there’s also a heavy dose of non- for on how to spend their time and money in the city. With a city as as Santa ,posts by to plan their trips for them were an .

A few weeks agolive a little, user it best:

“I’ve never been to Santa or heard much about it … I want to plan a trip with my other, , fiancé etc. I’m just not sure how works and Yelp! is kinda hard,and I read a blog that said Santa is nice and forlive a little|Santa Barbara’s most recommended restaur, first time . Soooo, I’m some kind -but-local- will do all that for me, what I might like best, and the door to cheap , fine and .“

to say,the of posts can often the space whichlive a little, in , is meant for .

Years ago, in an to and poke fun at the who were of doing their own , one user by the name of saw an .

In July 2016, the we could find the has since been by , a “local for fine on the coast.”

It was the on .

on in Santa is ’s go-to for . (KTLA)

The in Santa is one of the city’s less ,with class and a large of the city’s fast food . It’s a far cry from thehack nba live, Hope Ranch and Mesa that and call home.

It was meant to be an idea: an for a fancy night out with their or other is to visit a pizza shop known for $5 pre- in a lower- .

But the joke on like .

The who came up with the joke to , only out the , while other times the name in a – style in hopes of some to visit the local “hot spot.”

In June 2020, a asked for a good for a “good daily for a date.” They no about what they were for in the , when they would be or how much they to spend.

’s : “Le de Petit Cesar en rue de ” — aka, on .

Years later, the joke has its ,as just LCOM. Users post of thelive a little, while who the boat ask about the joke’s .

“‘Le ,’ my aunt was when I that place to her,” user wrote in a in .

“I hear the are out now that it won a Star,” on from early .

“We do it for and out-of-,” user, aptly named , wrote.

The joke has been to , but it has been on other sites. A Yelp of the calls on “Santa ’s #1 on .” The to not fully the for the joke, but added that there’s also at the pizza shop.

We out to to ask if they knew about the joke or if they could on its . Here’s what they said:

“Santa know a good value when they see one. They’re in the know about how we make our dough fresh in house every day, most other pizza . They know that we use a fresh, never , blend of . And they’ve tried one of our , the , that high-end style at a great value.”

Jill , of at

In many ways, the joke has its . By being told to go to an quick- , to live like a local are doing just that.

“The like to go to where there aren’t , so we’re not going to those here. If we did it, it ’t be a place like to go ,” user wrote. “When asks, they get with . Which is , as I’m sure eat there, it’s still open and aren’t there.”

So if you’re for a of where to eat on a night out in Santa ,and you don’t feel like doing any of thelive while we re young, ask a local. The only is on .

’s note: Some have been for .



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