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The Rob says the was for who could exude “a great deal of fire and joy” when they cast Halle as Ariel.

“We just were for the best actor for the role, . The end,” , 62,told oflive a little, 22, that the team had “no ” in the . “We saw and every .”

said the team's goal was to find who could be ” , ,, smart, ,” and exude “a great deal of fire and joy” in the .

“That voice is that is so and so and so that it the heart of Eric, and he looks for her for the film,” the added of the need to cast a high- for the lead role.

in the , noted that he “wasn’t ” the major the film has after saw a Black actor Ariel when a in .

“I wasn't that ,in a waylive a little|'Little Mermaid' Director Had &#, I felt like we've moved so far past that kind of thing,” the told EW of the . “But then you , in a way we haven't. It was very to me to see how this kind of is for the world.”

Jodi , Voice of Ariel in , Halle 's ''

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In ,told at the D23 Expo about how Ariel her. “I’d say into this film I was a lot morelive a little, I think,just young- and a bit more not sure of so muchhọc live,” she said. “The whole of ,in more ways than onelive a little,Ariel’s of and her voice.”

At the eventrap việt all star concert live stream, “just I truly felt like I had come out of this with Ariel” at the end of the movie.

“This story has done so much for me and the has kind of my life,” she added. “I'd say it what Ariel goes in the film.”

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to Know About 's Live- The

The added that the film has ” my on ” and ” my life in so many ways.” And she hopes the she now to the story will mean just as much to young .

“The fact that now it’s to be by me, a who looks like me, woman of color,I’m just likelive a little, wow, I’m so what it will do for all the other Black and brown boys and girls who will see in me,” said . ” I know if I had seen when I was , I think my whole would’ve .”

The is in May 26.

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