lion king live action|First Footage of Live Action Lion King

The first look at ‘s live The Lion King film from John was shown at D23 Expo, and , it my damn socks off.

has its into live films , and with new takes on Dumbo, and Mulan on the , it’s not soon. But with The the to bring these to life CGI did an new that its .

All of this is set up when what we saw from The Lion King, — even with the not fully we saw at D23 Expo — this new in the of The Book’s of these .

The Lion King first was close to a frame-for-frame of the ” of Life” of the movie. We see the sun rise over the ,of this time it is a real over the . The film is shot to match up with the same shots of the you see that in thelion king live actioncbs news live, and they look photo- being CGI. It’s when you see them by a shot of Mt. in the .

As this is the ” of Life” , the crowd went nuts when the back and Pride Rock. It truly was how and and his team the of the movie and it and to life in this film.

Of , if we’re up to Pride Rock, we did see ,who looks very to how he looks in thelion king live actionyou should have a job to live, a bit less and a bit more than as . The was for Simba, he is a lot than he was in the . of being as round and as baby Simba in , this is a bit to a lion cub. No cause for alarm: he isso. damn. cute.He at one point in a shot that to be a good of how this movie will try to have its both be while also .

The ends with Simba and then him by him up over the at Pride Rock. then took the stage, and told the crowd that “we know how this is” to not the of a film as as The Lion King.”We’re hard, we love you guys and we love this movie,” he said.

This hewed very to the movie. That seems to be a sign that the rest of the story will do the same in the style of ‘s and the Beast live film, but the plot of the live Lion King wasn’t on the panel. We also didn’t learn any the as Simba. cast , Seth Rogen, Billy and John .

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