life like live lively|Jeanne Calment, a…

young live, a woman, a on 17 of 1995,when at the age of 120 years and 238 dayslife like live lively, she the -lived human being on . A man died in 1986 at the age of 120 years and 237 days.

lives in a small old ’s home in the south of ; her , her only child and her have all died. She is blind and deaf and is in a ,but her her as being more like a 90-year-old in good than of 120. She still has a sense of humor. When asked on her 120th what she of thelife like live lively,she : A very short one. She also that she the good Lord had all about her.

So what is the key to a long life? to somelife like live lively, diet, and no are the three . has two of the tips(窍门). She has eaten a diet, and she used to do every day until she broke her leg at the age of 115. ,until she drank two of red wine a daylife like live lively|Jeanne Calment, a…,and she does smoke (now only a ).chicken live,might have got very good genes(基因) from her . Her lived to the age of 94 and her to 86.

A local her house when she was 80 under an that he would pay her some money every year until her death. It must have a good move at the timelife like live lively, but so far the has paid her at least three times the value of the house. Every year on her sends him a card :

Sorry, I’m still alive!

小题1: How does feel about her old age?

A.She is and .

B.She is and .

C.She would like to live much .

D.She feels she is going to die very soon.

小题2: owes her good and long life to .

A. only a every day

B.her up and

C. two of red wine every day

D.the good genes from her , a diet and some

小题3: Which of the could best the word “move” in the ?



小题4:Why does say “Sorry, I’m still alive” to the local every year on her ?

A. she had an at 80 with the which was to her .

B. she has asked the to pay her more rent than they first .

C. the has paid her much more money than the value of the house.

D. the house she sold to the isn’t worth the money he has paid.

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