l death note live action|‘Mulan’ Fans Thank Disney for Not W

from “Mulan” fans on for star Liu Yifei as the woman in Niki Caro’s , an known China into the in .

The good news comes in the wake like “Ghost In The Shell” and “Death Note” come under fire for white in roles that were for .

Last year, an to the Angry Asian Man that a spec for the the story to a white who falls in love with Mulan. The an to not force white into the film.

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l death note live action

An , ,told Fair that the spec was only a “-off point” and that “Mulan is and will be the lead in the storyl death note live action, and all roles,the lovel death note live action|‘Mulan’ Fans Thank Disney for Not W, are .”

has made good on that with Yifei, an who is a major star in China and has also in films such as “The ” and “.” And that’s not the only is that is steps to avoid . The of the in Jon ’s of “The Lion King” are being by black ,Simba and all the of his pride.

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See some of the to the “Mulan” below.

l death note live action

@ y’all did some good with this ????l death note live action,now shang!… also the songs! #Mulan /

— love nowcnlk live,cry later???? (@) 29l death note live action, 2017

did right for once by a to play Mulan /

— ash (@) 29, 2017

l death note live action

Oh my god im in . They did and . We have a Mulan. She’s here and she’s .

— ⚯͛ (@) 29, 2017

i am they cast an woman to play mulan. . that’s how this is for asian .

— ms (@) 29, 2017

l death note live action

the fact that we have to say “whew I’m so glad a to play Mulan” very

also,when can we have ? Liu Yifei is all but she isn’tcách mở khoá live trên facebook, we still need a voice

— (@) 29, 2017

17 Cases of ()

l death note live action


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That time John Wayne Khan isn’t even the worst on this list

has long had a habit of white to play of races.Read of the most of .

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