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, the has been for the live- of the movie and is also the .

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Your Name is based on the 2016 drama which huge and over $230 in Japan alone. It’s now a the .

kingdom live action

The film told the story of Taki , a high boy from Tokyo, and ,a girl from ruralkingdom live actionxổ số live 20, who and begin to swap with each other .

The live- their story,no have yet been cast in the two roles.

kingdom live action

is on board to US and while the film’sbang bang con the live full concert, Toho, will its Japan .

, López is best known for the hit film,Raya and the Last is on a live- Robin at . He also made his film debut with the live-kingdom live actionkingdom live action, .

kingdom live action

He also an of the FX comic book ,.

A has been in the works since at least 2017,with J.J. to .kingdom live action, who the story, isn’t that in the , that it has ” left my hand.”

kingdom live action

IGN’s of Your it 7/10 and said: “ the film a bit from its , the is and the story will grab your heart and . Your Name doesn’t quite match the feel of a film,but it’s still a story that to make the time . It will be to see if the dub takes away from the feelkingdom live action|The Live, as is the case. This is worth a watch.”

Want to read more about Your Name? Check anime to cry your heart out toas well needs to learn from Your Name’s .

Ryan is an and film for IGN. You can him on .

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