in vietnam two or three or even four generations live|Hungar

Bagi’s this : over the of the past few , she has been in a as a , alone, the of the local to .

had both good and bad and lots of since she moved to . She to about , and , local , foods, life and her .

She has been to the idea of , but lack of money and her kept her in . She was to start plans or any ,but after her ’s she felt she had to try.

She has loved ; she had in a ’s camplive tik tokxem bigo live trực tuyến, and has a good of , so like a good idea. A told her about – the Union pays or every cost of in this , that would be free.

to as far as – first, she to Spain, but did not any . Then, she tried . She the Sereg (Black Army) Youth , and after a ,her was . This was by a bit of and a day.

She only had to pay HUF 30in vietnam two or three or even four generations live|Hungar,000 (95 EUR) due to the high cost of the plane , and there are no in ,she felt safer the ones.

In Hanoiin vietnam two or three or even four generations live, the host very . They her to Sam, a who also , and held a week for her. At first, she was by the and the noise.

Tuy Hoa, photo: Bagi

The is based in the south, in a city Tuy Hoa, where they after a 24-hour train . it is the of a , for the sea, which she hadn’t seen , was the most thing about the city.

She with her at the : there are only two beds, a and a in their rooms, in to the most : a fan and air . Her sleep it, but that it gives her a cold. They at the end of the dry , when the was above 40 – now, in the rainy it is 28-32.

Three days after their , and her were . only them, and them the . teach aged 6-16 years for 1.5-3 hours each day. Their job is to their and .

photo: Bagi

to , it is hard to with as their is to . In , they would spend their free time with their ,they are tired of and the with .

She had a when one of the boys in her class and his her to hit vietnam two or three or even four generations live, , she has had great with her . They help her with , give her and gifts.

look at as ; even came up to her on the , her how she is, where she came from or of her.

She has some , but most of the time, she with and body , as most do not speak . A smile says more than words. are very nice, but of she has had as well.

said that the most so far was the . They didn’t have or water for days,the storm trees and polesin vietnam two or three or even four generations live, but in the next went on as usual. The thing about the was that she could not with her , who about her.

after the , photo: Bagi

She likes food, but she her own , sour cream, and . rice with meats, and . They eat rice with as rice is cheap and they have of it. also eats pho (a soup) every day.

She plans to the the Lunar New Year (Tet),as it is a hugein vietnam two or three or even four generations live, and the will be for weeks.

in Asia on 1st and will stay until 28th . Half year is , she , and is her next move: maybe to , or , goods, or . She is also about going back to for a PhD , but one thing is sure: she loves being with , and can in camps and .

You can read more about ’s in Asia on her blog.


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