in app live chat|WeChat Live Stream will be the gate to b

in app live chat

in app live chat

China’s giant has been up the of live- into its mini , to boost e-, to a Live .

to to test the live last March, and , the has also to e- to test the live , to the .

A new post last week shows that has made step to allow a a live- show and the .

in app live chat

The is an H5 page in a ’s mini on . The H5 page,which can be added onin app live chat,to click the on the live- video and them to the ’s mini for a .

to on the new when by on .

dagatructiep live,with 1.1 usersin app live chat, has its mini to small ,them to in a new other e- sites such as ’sswiftonline live, or .

in app live chat

On , goods sold via live- in 2018 were worth a total of 100 yuan (US$14.9 ), the firm told in April.

Short video sites such as ’s ,which has an app thein app live chatin app live chat, and – , have both on live- as a way to boost e-

said goods worth more than 100 yuan were sold via its 28 and 30,that to these goods were more than 200 times a three-day Kaopuin app live chat|WeChat Live Stream will be the gate to b, which means Goods .

in app live chat

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