if you live in an earthquake zone|How to survive an Earthqua

if you live in an earthquake zone

15 Ways to an

an ‘s lies in the fact that it can occur at once. If you live in a that’s prone to , the event is key.

To the Red Cross: ‘It’s not the that hurts. It’s the stuff that falls on your head’: walls, glass and cause most quake- and .

1.Look your house for that could fall or move.

Ask what may if your doors fly open a quake, or God-knows-what to fall the floor. Is the TV and down and are to walls? Do you have or light that might fall?Is there a heavy or on the wall over your bed?

2.Know the spots.

all tall and heavy that could over, such as , china or wall units. Hang heavy and away from beds,,and sit. Keep or heavy on .

3.Stay clear ofbigo live kiếm tiền,, or if a quake hits

As a top , stay out of the — it’s a place, with large that could fall over or be from walls and ; knife sets that could be from and gas lines (if your are by gas) that could leaks and fill your with gas fumes (if a spark , your would be the first place to erupt in and the zero of an that your home.)

4.Stay away from that could fall on you.

Don’t run or rush while the is , or while there is a of or being hit by glass or .

5. a water by it to wall studs and it to the floor.

6. and after a quake, any deep in , , or .

Get if there are signs of . could cause a fire – or worse.

7. and leaky gas .

These are fire risks.

8.Keep in smoke and fresh.

At the least, make sure you have a and smoke in your home/.

9. all , fuel, and .

Store weed , , and in with and on .

10.Keep food and water on hand.

You be to take care of and loved ones for a of 72 hours (and , on the of the ). 72 hours under is how long it is for help to , as they have to deal with the same as you.

11. a plan.

with your the types of that could occur. to your kids how to and to each type of . Print the plan for .

12.Post by every phone.

13.Learn first aid and CPR.

14.Teach all how and when to turn off gas, , and water.

15.Learn how to help kids cope with .

Do your best to calm and to with a plan of . Your calm can help your kids in the same way or help the they would feel. If they see you , they are more to panic as well.

if you live in an earthquake zone

10 Ways to Your Zone

walls, under or desks, and in stout .


with your , in the Zone. This is for to know and do.

2. Have two where can meet.

One place will be your home, but you have a in case there’s a . It be a safe from your house in case of a home fire, and a place your in case you can’t .

3. an out-of-state as a check-in for to call.

While may be down,may work in . In a worst caseif you live in an earthquake zone, it’s each of you can an out of state (if phone is and not ), if you are to call each other.

4. where to go and what to bring if to .

what you have and that your know how to use any gear you have in their Get Home Bag.

5. Find out about plans by your ‘s or day care.

, to or from your ‘s (s) may be .

6. Keep some at work —

Food, , and shoes (cross ) that lace up,as well as a Get Home Bag.

7. your fire and and .

The Red Cross and other may have first aidif you live in an earthquake zone|How to survive an Earthqua,foodif you live in an earthquake zone, water, and .

8. Talk to your —

How could they help you, or you help them after an .

9. Be for .

are to more ,sever lines and hurt you hourswhere are you live,daysif you live in an earthquake zone, weeks – even after the main quake. If your house is in solid shape, stay if an hits.

10. the habit of , “If an right now, what would I do?”

This will you to react and not be when it . And it will aid with your .

if you live in an earthquake zone

What to Do and After an


If you are , stay there! Get under a heavy desk or table and hang on to it, move into a or get an wall.

If you are , get into the open – away from , power lines, , and else that might fall on you.

If you are , but move your car as far out of as and stop. Do not stop on or under a or or under trees, light posts, power lines, or signs. Stay your car until the stops.

When you , stay away from in the , rocks, bumps in the road at or ramp , and else that doesn’t look ‘right’.

If you are in a area watch out for rock, , trees, and other that could be by .


Do not turn on the gas again if you’ve it off; the gas do it. They’ll know if it’s safe to do so.

Do not use , ,campif you live in an earthquake zone, , or any until you are sure there are no gas leaks.

They may a spark that could gas and cause an .

Do not use your , for a or fire . You could tie up the lines for . If an and the phone doesn’t work, send for help.

Do not , or to be there for you. They may not be .

, the of your home may be and can be . can make light fall, and and sets over even after the is over.

After the

Wear shoes to avoid from glass and . Steel-toed may be best. .

Check for to and those you; give first aid where you can. If a is , put on the wound and use clean gauze, or cloth if . If a is not CPR. Do not to move they are in of . Cover the with to keep them warm. Seek help for .

Clean up , , or other . Leave the area if you smell gas or fumes from other . A bag of (or just cat ) is a quick way to a spill for easy clean up with a broom and dust pan.

Open and doors .

the of for . could lead to a fire. Also your gas, power and sewer lines. If your are , fix them or get out until you can have else do so. to a – radio or for the .

to check who may – , the , and with .

Stay out of known to be . Use the only for calls. Only drive if there’s an . Keep the clear for .

to a – radio or for the . home only when say it is safe.

After the , brace light . your local or Red Cross for more on .

if you live in an earthquake zone


is a and that all- for and and in China. We also on staff and and of and for and . , we of and tours.

if you live in an earthquake zone

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