i live in buenos aires the capital of argentina|Argentina: T

: The Many Faces of this South

When you hear “”, many may come to mind. You may think of Aires, ( ) on the , or hear a song from Evita! in your head. is all of those , but it is also so much more.

Most North do not know the – scope of this South . First of all, it is quite large— in size only to on the . It also and , from in the north down to in the south. You have miles of , the Andes, , and some of the most in the world. With a of 45 , it is home to , , and in .

Buenos Aires


Here’s a look at just a few of the many faces of this South .


The city of Aires is the ’s , with over 3 the 48 of the city. It is the most city in South , and is known for its and . There is of a , but with from all over , , and even China, Aires is a of the world’s . No it is often “the Paris of Latin .”

There are an 60,000 in , and about half live in this city on the of the Rio de la Plata. The city has much to offer an expat. As , it is a city of , so new are . It is easy to find foods, , and who speak your .

On the other hand, it is also easy to find new and to do in this city. you would like to do some in the of La , an tango in San Telmo, soak up the in the bars in the and Las , enjoy the of ’s ,or just thei live in buenos aires the capital of argentina, there is and to do in Aires.

If you are a , then Aires is your dream come true. of the , you can find beer , by the score, Greek , — your may . It is also no that beef is among the best in the world, so if your idea of the meal is a steak, you have come to the right place.

The in BA is also very to , all four , but of . highs top the mid-80s F, and lows in the are still above .

Are you just not a city ? still has much to from. the city of , in the and high in the north- part of . is for its of olive oil and some of the world’s best wines. In fact, is on the list of the nine “Great Wine ”, with the wines the way. , ( for the of wines) has a , with as a base for the Wine Route, or Ruta del Vino.

is home to about 125,000,with the about a soulslive while we’re young lyrics, so it is small to feel , but big to all of the . The area is very , and its on the main road Aires and in Chile also to the .

If you are an expat who loves the life, a great place to is in San de , on the of the Huapi Lake. The name comes from the Puyo ’s name “”, which in their means “ from the ”. The used to the a pass,it from the for many years.

Major civic 1930 and 1950 this town into a spot for and . A and Swiss is still seen in thei live in buenos aires the capital of argentina|Argentina: T, with some an .

is now a for ski in the (June to , as the are below the ), and the lake’s beach is full of the . , , white water , and bird have also very in , and it is a great place to use as a base to the .


You say Aires is too big, and is too small? In that case , you may find that this city to be “just right”. Córdoba is the city in with a 1.5 . It is in the of the , about 435 miles of the . The is to Aires, but it can get both in the and in the .

a —, Fiat, , -Benz, and all have there—Córdoba has long been with and as well. There are six major and post- . one of the on the , the of from all over , South , and even , gives this city a young, .

Not , Córdoba has also the for in . and Intel are major ,and the space has a where are and .

find about Córdoba is its . From here it is easy to take day trips to the where you can ride like ai live in buenos aires the capital of argentina, or join an into the Andes for some . North of town is La ,a place for hangbảng màu son hold live kem,, and . Villa is day or trip. This small is where 130 of a , and it now a full — with , , späztle, and the third in the world.

Pros and Cons of Life in

Pros and Cons of Life in Argentina

©/ – Multi-:

has an mix of South ,,and Asian that a for . It is easy to feel at home no your of birth. Thei live in buenos aires the capital of argentina, even in the large , are and .

CON – :

Oddly, in a with so many , can be a task. Rules and seem to , so it is a good idea to check with the for the .

PRO – Easy Entry:

Most North/South and can enter and stay for 90 days on a valid . In fact, some there now take of a of ’s law. most , if you leave for just one day,the : you can then re-enter on your and stay 90 days.

CON – is Big:

has a lot to offer and a wide range of . That’s it is so big. there are good road and raili live in buenos aires the capital of argentina, from one city to can still mean 12 to 20 hours on a bus or train. , there are many , and fares are .

PRO – for the “ ”:

The and of Aires,, and Córdoba are among the best in the world. Just the La in BA is a feast. , the rich mix of ; the blend of and arts from , and the rich found even in the of towns is to the most of the arts.

CON – and :

, like much of and South , has had more than its share of ups and downs when it comes to and . At one time, had one of the in the world, but it has been since WWII. there has been in both of these areas in the past few years, in the in front of Casa in the are still .

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