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EXO’s in a and for W Korea!

First off, Kai he ’t do. He said, “There are many I can’t do, and one of them is doing with my body.”

The was he’s known for a good . He , “I can’t do it.I can’t do to my body other than and for . I’m not good at , and I . I have a habit of , and I lose a lot of . I don’t like , and I tend to just live .”

Then Kai about his title track “Mmmh.” He said, “The word ‘Mmmh’ is used in cases and has . It is a word that is often in one’s life. We even said it just a ago.It is also used as a sign of and to a time when we’re about . I it would be fun to that kind of ‘Mmmh’ in a way, so the music video. The a vibe that takes place inthe , and it my as a god who meets and .”

He also his long, hat from the music video and music show that a lot of . He , “I I wear a hat . The hat feels a bit , and since it a part of my face, it a bit . It also gives me a sense of whenI take it off.”

The out he isn’t a in or EXO but to sing all the songs in his solo album alone. Kai , “It took about eight to make the album. Of , I have been since I was a , but I in while for this album. Butmy goal wasn’t to thing, like ‘a who very well’ or ‘a who sings well.’”

He , “I want to use as a tool in order to the image of Kai. , such as who well or dress well, do not much to me. The image that feel and think about when they hear my more . I want to make look to my next . If there is I want to show and inmy for this album or the next one, I want to use the I have as a who’s been for ten years, what I as Gucci , and else to that.”

The that Kai seems like a who will he wants .Kai , “I’m not that kind of . I just do what I need to do. I do I need to as much as I need to.As I said in a , I don’t want to do with the mind of under the idea of the ‘king of .’ IfI want to , I try not to it or lack the for it. Any will think of the best , so they it their all.”

Kai more about the idea of the of . ,hei live alone kai exo, “I’ lived with .I don’t do that me that it’s not good to live like that. With this album, I at three . It was the first, , and third day of my solo . It was hard I didn’t like on the first day. I tried to make up for it on the day, and on the third day,I wasn’tmiss grand international 2021 live, but I was and . I think that kind of flow is . Ino try to , and I don’t fix my on where the is me.”

When asked if he ever grows sick and tired of or , he said, “Of . I a lot of pain. I was out when I wasn’t with . It was away at, not just Kai, but Kim Jong In (his real name) as well. I truly that’s not , and I had to get rid of it. Ever since then, if I feel like I’m about to get , I first why I’m that way. I try to think. Then I my mind, and I shake it off here and there.”

The out he seems like who knows how to , and he , “I have to . needs to .For those who can’t do that well, they’ll be able to once they go an . , it’s best to one that. Aren’t we all to be happy? I think you need to make an to be happy. What I seek is .”

Then Kai about his love for his . He said he’s ,he about it or his with his . He added he was to them andi live alone kai exo, “The first most thing is . I have to be happy.My comes next, and my third.”

, Kai on “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”) with his niece and . When asked what he would give them if they want to an idol like him, he said, “Well,first, I’m going to ask them if they want to be a star,and if they want to be ai live alone kai exo, I’ll ask them why. It’s easy to just the of being a , but it gets when no one looks for you . Even if they aim to a star, they can’t live as stars . So I’ll ask them to they want to be a and what they like first.”

Then he was asked about what he would do if his niece and they won’t his whole- . He , “The I an idol was just I liked .It wasn’t I be a star. I think I can be happy as long as I can dance. can try to get a job by doing what they like,and if it doesn’t work out wellinuyasha live action, they can still do what they like and their jobs.Their lives won’t be just they don’t get the job they want. to think about what they like and ’re good at.”

Kai didn’t to his fans. He about his with them, , “We’ on the same path . Not only do now, but we can look back on our past on that road. The fans see the of our the when we .”

He he also the of the a fan. He said,“At firsti live alone kai exo, they’re just a of the ,but they a fan after the . They and learn more about the . go on the same path as thei live alone kai exo|EXO’s Kai Talks About Solo Album, and when they go to the , they will feel like they that stage. They’ve been us, so we can feel the same .”

, Kai was asked if he was happy, and he , “I’m happy. And I’m fun. Fun is as well. When I see the fans happy, I grow even . I mean it.”

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