i like the village ____ i used to live|The ‘Cornish fishing

Urban and a might seem poles apart – but 50 years ago a city was on onei live alone, it may seem.

Built in the mid 1970s at a cost of £4m, the in was made up of 512 -built homes on a of land Shaw and Road. the plans an had for the ,it was the ” ” which is said to have led to its just 11 years later.

By 1988 all of the on the stood empty and and the were ready to move in.

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With such a short life spani like the village ____ i used to live|The ‘Cornish fishing , it's easy to that the ever but it still holds for those that used to live there – some more fond than .

John first moved into his home on the with wife and their five in 1978.

The three- home on Way had one owner, who was a of the , they moved in six later.

John, 66,told the ECHO: “We lived on the end part of the 's Well. We had good and we all got on well our area. I've got six now and they're all doing welli like the village ____ i used to live, they've got good jobs. It was quite a for them if you ask me.

“Even if [the ] might have a bit of a bad I it was . I think a of years we left, that's when off and that's when the going down.

The Radcliffe Estate in Everton was designed to look like a Cornish fishing village and opened in the mid 1970s

The in was to look like a and in the mid 1970s

“When being so rife it to be that more so than else, it was one of the early that was rife with it.”

When a fire the 's home in 1985 they were to move out and find else to live.

John said he was when the was a few years later but he still has fond of his time there.

John said: “I was I they were good , they were a bit but I didn't mind , you tend to get on with your and it's a bit more .

“When we had the fire we were on the edge of the , the fire and could get there but when you were a bit more the it was hard if there was a fire for the fire to get down the to it.”

The Radcliffe estate in Everton

The in

By 1987 crime was rife on the and 90 homes had been in the face of and arson . The dark, the both fire traps and a for .

A from City , in June 1987, said that the only to the was to the .

,the was met by while the 29 to be .

An ECHO from 3i like the village ____ i used to livedemacia cup 2016 live, 1988, said the , which was “hell on earth” by some , lay empty and – just 11 years after it was first built.

Celia and Rowan were two of the first onto the when it first in 1977.

to the ECHO after they left in 1988, Celia, 74, said: “I just up and didn't the door to .”

, 62, added: “Even if I did go out,I had to make sure there was in the house to guard it and else to pick me up and take me home right to my door.”

The pair later moved into a new down the road .

Jim Burnsi like the village ____ i used to live, the city's of at the time, said: “We've tried to learn from the of the past. want open ,back and fronti like the village ____ i used to live, back and front doors. We've to what they've got to say and this.”


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