i like the village ____ i used to live|Life in peaceful Nott

in a where “keep to ” have out about what life is like in the area. Indan nguyen live, you will find , , and semi- along with of .

The has no shops but a and hall,with some homes worth £1 . Many say they find the area can be very quiet on most days.

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Fiona Whitei like the village ____ i used to livei like the village ____ i used to live, 39, a who lives in the , said: “It’s an area where much keeps to .

“ are and will smile and wave at you but I think quite like to their .”

Fiona : “It’s very . We get a few joy down from other parts of but that’s only now and again.

“I like , the in can be a pain but there’s a view from .”

Years ago,the had a Post and sweet shop. Hall was a boy's built in 1871.

Clifton Village, Nottingham.

i like the village ____ i used to live,. (Image: Post/Marie .)

Wattsi like the village ____ i used to live|Life in peaceful Nott, 75, is now and has lived in the for more than 30 years. Mr Watts said: “The has a lot, it’s quiet,a from the and that took a lot of used to.

“There’s no doubt that this is a nice place to live.” One have had in the is their cars in the area.

Mr Watts said: “The bays here were for . The here don’t mealetta ocean live,I’ve told them so long as they don’t block me it's fine.”

One who to has lived in the for years. They spoke about their in the area and said: “My house faces the field where there are .

“There’s a mix of here. Not a lot of will speak to youi like the village ____ i used to live, they’ll wave and say hi but I quite like it like that. A lot of have high too but years ago, the had to be low so that the could see house names.”

The : “Just like , you get good and bad. used to park along here, but now it’s only.”

With the Grove , too, many who aren’t from the area like to come and walk their dogs. Jane , 54 lives in .

Jane isn’t from the but walks . She said: “I walk along here a lot with my dog and and we look at all the nice , walk down to the , it's just such a area.”

Jane : “I like all parts of , I grew up on the and to stay but the is . If I could to, I’d love to live here!”


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