i have to live on unemployment benefit because i am|Nelson M

Nobel Peace Prize


10, 1993


Your the King,

Your Royal ,

Prime ,

Gro ,


of and ,

i have to live on unemployment benefit because i am

of the Nobeli have to live on unemployment benefit because i am,

, Mr F.W. de Klerk,


, and :

I am truly to be here today to this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

I my to the Nobel for us to the of a Nobel Peace Prize . I would also like to take this to my and , State F.W. de Klerk, on his of this high .

, we join two South , the late Chief and His Grace Tutu, to whose to the the evil of you paid well- by them the Nobel Peace Prize.

It will not be of us if we also add, among our , the name of Nobel Peace Prize , the late – and , the Rev King, Jr.

He, too, with and died in the to make a to the just of the same great of the day which we have had to face as South .

We speak here of the of the of war and peace,and non-i have to live on unemployment benefit because i am, and human , and and and human , and from want.

We stand here today as more than a of the of our who dared to rise up a whose very is war, , , , and the of an .

I am also here today as a of the of the globe, the anti- , the and that with us, not to fight South as a or any of its , but to an and sue for a end to the crime .

These human , both and our , had the of to stand in the path of and , gain. They that an to one is an to all and acted in of and a human .

of their and for many years, we can, today, even set the dates when all will join to one of the human of our .

When that comes, we shall, , in a over , and white rule.

That will bring to a close a of five years of that began with the of the .

Thus, it will mark a great step in and also serve as a of the of the world to fight it and guise it .

At the tip of the of , a rich is in the , an gift is in the , for those who in the name of all when they — for ,peacei have to live on unemployment benefit because i am, human and human .

This will not be in money. Nor can it be in the price of the rare and that rest in the of the soil we tread in the of our . It will and must be by the and of the , at once the most in any and the of our .

The must, at last,play in the open veldi have to live on unemployment benefit because i am|Nelson M, no by the pangs of or by or with the of , and abuse, and no to in deeds whose the of their years.

In front of this , we the new South to the of the in the World on the , and of .

The of which we have will and must also be by the and of the and of these , who must walk the earth fear of being , for or , or spat upon they are .

They too must be of the heavy of which they carry in their , born of , and .

The value of that gift to all who have will and must be by the and of all the of our , who will have torn down the walls that them.

These great will have their backs on the grave to human which some as and as , and each into a whose on the of the other.

The value of our will and must be by the peace which will , the that bonds both black and white into one human race, will have said to each one of us that we shall all live like the of .

Thus shall we live, we will have a which that all are born equal, with each in equal to life,, , human and good .

i have to live on unemployment benefit because i am

Such a never allow again that there be of nor that any ‘s human be .

it ever that once more the to are by who seek to take power away from the , in of their own, .

In to these , we to those who Burma that they our Nobel Peace Prize , Aung San Suu Kyi, and her and those she in , for the of all the of Burma.

We pray that those who have the power to do so will, delay, that she uses her and for the good of the of her and as a whole.

Far from the rough and of the of our own , I would like to take this to join the Nobel and pay to my joint , Mr F.W. de Klerk.

He had the to admit that a wrong had been done to our and the of the of .

He had the to and that all the of South must, and as equal in the , what they want to make of their .

But there are still some our who they can make a to the cause of and peace by to the that have been to spell but .

It our hope that these, too, will be with to that will not be and that the new be by the past, or .

i have to live on unemployment benefit because i am

We live with the hope that as she to , South will be like a of the new world that is to be born.

This must be a world of and for human , a world freed from the of ,, and , of the and the of civil wars and and of the great of to .

The in which South and as a whole are ,and urge us all that we take this tide at the flood and make of this a of what all of would like the world to be.

We do not that this Nobel Peace Prize is as a for that have and . We hear the which say that it is an from all thosegái live bunny, the , who an end to the of .

We their call, that we what of our lives to the use of our ‘s and to ,ini have to live on unemployment benefit because i am, that the for human is , , peace, non-, non-,forvietnam vs pakistan live, a and and among the .

Moved by that and by the you have upon us, we that we too will do what we can to to the of our world so that none , in , be as the of the earth. Let it never be said by that , or made us fail to live up to the of which the Nobel Peace Prize .

Let the of us all, prove King Jr to have been , when he said that can no be bound to the of and war.

Let the of us all, prove that he was not a mere when he spoke of the of and peace being more than or or gold.

Let a new age dawn!

Thank you.

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