i got a boy live|When Paul was a boy growing up in Utah

When Paul wasa boy up in Utahi got a boy live|When Paul was a boy growing up in Utah,he to live near a (炼铜厂)i got a boy livevideo bigo live show hàng, and the that made a out of what used to be a . One day a at this and it an awful area. Paul . From then on,him.

Years was back in the areai got a boy live, and he went to the . He asked if any plans or if they would let him try to bring the trees back. The that big was “No.”

Paul then to study the of . , his weren’t any birds or to the seeds. It would be a his life to try to do it. knew that,he was told. Even if he as he hadi got a boy live,he ’t get his idea .

Paul later and had some kids. But his dream would not die. And then one night hedid what he could with what he had. As wrotei got a boy live, “It is what is near by the eye fixed on . is often by minds in wide .” Under the cover , he went into the and .

And , he made his into the and trees . For years he did this the plain sense. . Later,as there was legal to clean uplive stream bằng xsplit, the hired Paul to do what he was doing.

Now the acres of trees and grass and , and Paul has every award Utah has. It took him until his hair , but he to keep that vow he made to as .

1. When Paul was a boy, _____.

A. he had never to leave his

B. the of Utah on

C. no laws were made to the

D. he to stop the the area

2. Why did Paul go to to study the of ?

A. He to find out the best way to area .

B. He was in trees since hewas young.

C. He to get more him.

D. He his would make more .

3. What does the “the plain sense” to?

A. That it was for trees to grow onthe .

B. That his work and life would .

C. That no one would like to join him in .

D. That he had to keep he did .

4. The main idea of the is that _____.

A. than words

B. will work

C. God helps those who help

D. many hands make light work

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