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【推荐1】In 2017how to live in this world|Oliver Twist was born in a workhou,the Arab its to Mars the next 100 years. But are what a city might look like-and to it in the Dubai.

Mars City was to cover 176,000 of -the size of more than 30 -and cost 135 . To a space for Dubai’s Bin Space (MBRSC) to the to Mars,Group were asked to a of a city for life on Mars-and then adapt it for use in the .

For thishow to live in this world,the first had to the of a to make the of Mars . Mars has a thin and no field,so there’s from . is -the on Mars is a 63 C. The thin also means there’s air ,so into gas;how to live in this world,an human’s blood would boil on Mars.But tohow to live in this world, of the Space Lab at ,the in terms of a on Mars is not the orhow to live in this world,but the human and one.More need to be done to test the of on and of .

The MBRSC hopes that,in ,such could take place in Mars City.This is going to be our where we can the and the that will help us in our to Marsung hoang phuc livemu vs arsenal live,said Adnan ,Mars 27 at MBRSC.”We want to come up with a new that will help the .”

how to live in this world

1. What can you get about the city?

A.It is to be in the next 100 years.

B.It more than 30 of Dubai.

C.It has been put into use in the Dubai.

how to live in this world

D.It as a for life on Mars.

2. Which is not the for on Mars?

A.A thin to .

B.High makes human’s blood boil.

how to live in this world

C. air to turn into gas .

D.A long of may .

3. What’s the of Adnan MBRSC?


how to live in this world




4. Which of the can be the best title for the text?

how to live in this world

A.The on the of on Mars.

B.A city for the Dubai.

C.The Arab ‘ to Mars.

D.The of the of Mars.

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