how to live forever|To live forever was the dream of many em

To live was the dream of many in China. were to call themhow to live foreverhow to live forever|To live forever was the dream of many em,which means 10live producer,000 years,but no human could live that long.How long can live? to the , are able to live up to the age of 120 or even .

that our life span (寿命)can be (延长)far . ,a at the of in San the life of a worm from two weeks to a month.By the of a gene,known as daf-2,the not only added extra days to the worm’s life but also kept it a as worms which were half its age.

There are two genes in the of .By the of on gene, the life of a mouse by 1 8 per cent(or 4.5 ). gene is IGF-1. still don’t know how it our body.But by its the life of a mouse by 33 per cent for 8.6 ).The life span of a mouse is 26 .

In the of life,an ,“you are what you eat.” also seems to be true. fewer than meat,and help to life, say. has found that in fewer our lives in a way to IGF-1.

US John low diets could human life span,but there is no proof yet.

how to live forever

are still for the of a study in 1987. are fed with low food to see what .A ’s life span is 40 years,so there is a while to wait.

In China,, life (预期寿命)has now 70,that of 1949. the of our lives may bring us to the of our .But it may also cause such as andhow to live forever, have .

57.Which of the is TRUE about of life span?

A.A few in China could live up to 10,000 years.

how to live forever

B. aren’t able to lives up to 120 years.

C.The dream of is true.

D.In Chinali chang live,the life span is twice as long as it was half a ago.

58.What can we learn from 37

how to live forever

A.A mouse is able to live up to two years and a half.

B.A mouse can live for 34.6 by its gene.

C. are to work out how the IGF-1 gene our body.

D.The two genes have the same in the of .

how to live forever

59.In 4,“you are what you eat ” means

A.the more you eathow to live forever,the you will lives

B.the you eathow to live forever,the IGF-l’s are

C.the food you eat,the you are

how to live forever

D.the fewer you take,the life you’ll live

60.What is the main idea about this ?

A.We are able to live .

B.The genes life span of human .

C.A diet our life.

D. life span has .

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