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1、What never asks but gets a lot of ?


2、Why did Tom put his 's in the ?

:【 he cool music.】

3、What is sad?

:【Blue Jeans.】

4、 What tree turn a girl into a woman?


5、 in green , his , penny more, all black faces.


6、Why doi birds fly south?

:【It's too far to walk.】

7、What two hills on its back?


8、Who works only one day in a year gets fired?

:【Santa Claus.】

9、 is a , but why he live in house?。

:【 he is a 】

10、Why does the of Lib-erty stand in New York ?

how many people live in the us

:【 it can't sit down.】

11、What wears big black on its face?


12、What month do hate?


13、What is in than in ?


14、When do you go as fast as a car?

:【When you are in it.】

15、Who will be your real , a poor or a rich one?

:【A poor , a in need is a .】

16、What is a head than with a head?

:【a 】

17、Why is the of so ?

:【 you can never make them out.】

18、What color is the wind?

:【The wind blew(Blue).】

19、How do we know the ocean is ?

:【It waves.】

20、Who is to you, your mom or your dad?

:【Mom is , dad is .】

21、What band can't play music?

:【 band.】

22、What can you never “Yes” to?

:【Are you dead?】

23、What is black when it is clean and white when it is dirty?

:【A 】

24、Do ever steal ?

:【Yes, when they take the floor.】

25、How did the get ?

:【He tied a knot.】

26、It's round and green and or red . We have it in . It grows in the . It can grow as big as a , or even . It is very sweet and very good to eat. I an sure you know it. And you like to eat it, don't you? Can you tell me now what it is?


27、What in but flies at night?


28、What comes six?

:【The .】

29、Why can a bride hide ?

:【 will give her away.

30、What is dark but made by light?

:【A 】

31、What kind of lasts the ?

:【, it's never worn out.】

32、What a room has no walls, no doors, no , and no ?


33、Which state in the is round at both ends and high in the ?


34、Who is to you,your mom or your dad?。

:【Mom ishow many people live in the us, dad is .】

35、Why did the take his to task?

:【 they use foul .】

36、Why we never ask for ?

:【They are full of hot air.】

37、It looks like sugar,but it's not sweet.It looks likehow many people live in the us,but it can' t spin.It comes in and makes the .What is it?


38、Why do go to bed?

:【 the bed won't come to us.】

39、What did the big say to the while ?

:【”You're too young to smoke.】

40、How long is a shoehow many people live in the ushow many people live in the us|主页 > 谜底列表 > 英文谜语, ?

how many people live in the us

:【A more than a foot long.】

41、Does any child like going to ?

:【Every child likes going to . Most of them just hate there going home.】

42、What goes up every time the rain comes down?


43、They are of many : red, , pink, , blue, and white. Some of them smell very sweet. You can see lots of them in and . When comes, they fewer and fewer. In you can find them in th


44、What do most fear most?

:【The E, it's the end of life.】

45、When can you go as fast as car?

:【When you're in it.】

46、What's the room in the World?

:【A .】

47、Which can move , heat or cold?

:【Heat, you can catch cold.】

48、How many legs do have?

:【six legs– in front and two in back.】

49、What's the bank in the world?


50、Why are the to feed?

how many people live in the us

:【They make a food go a long way.】

51、You can't catch his body; you can't see his .When , he the house, when weak, the tree .

:【A 】

52、”If” is us. Can you guess what word it is?


53、What fruit is never found ?

:【A pear.】

54、 in one big ,Are busy every daybảng màu son hold live,forhow many people live in the usnguyễn phương hằng live stream,And them away.Who are we?


55、What tried to make you smile most of the time?

:【A 】

56、Why is a like a leaky ?

:【They both run.】

57、what man live in a house?


58、How many feet are there in a yard?

:【It on how many stand in .】

59、What does the man who just had his face ?

:【A bear.】

60、What large do you carry in your ears?


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