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21 , 2013

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Hi again! I'm Kelly Jean Kelly.

And I'm Steve Ember

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KELLY: Today we are a 's about cats. Tuan Nuoc sent us an e-mail from to say, “I love my cat so much. He has lived with me for 17 years. But now my cat looks very old and weak. He can't catch mice. How long does a cat live?”

how long does a cat live

Black and White Cat – This kitty is a new , a with . Her tail is in the of going , a sign she wants to make .

To the , we spoke to . She is a — a who . She owns two on the west coast of the . Her in cats.

Dr. says she once 17 was very old for a cat.

“That's . With good , good care, and a safe , I have a lot of now that are in their 20s.”

In , she says, cats in the wild live only about seven years.

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STEVE: On the of cats,two new about the world's most pet. That is — more have pet cats than pet dogs.

John the at the of in . He has cats for more than 30 years.

Mr. wrote in the Post that the often with their tails. When a cat wants to show it ishow long does a cat live, it lifts its tail up. Other cats the -up tail and often in a way.

says pet can learn to tail and other signs that a cat is happy to see you.

“He would me with his tail up, and maybe a bend at the end, and he'd have a on his face. His fur would be nice and shiny and down, and he'd walk up to me and rub my .”

If your cat does not feel like you, she says, he will just walk away.

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KELLY: is way cats . John says most cat think their cat's purr means he or she is happy. Often that is true. But, he says, cats may also purr when they are , , or even angry.

He says a cat is the to sit with him. The purr makes the cat feel . And, Dr. adds, it may also make the feel .

“If you have a cat in your lap, your heart rate and blood will be lower.”

STEVE: Some in also what makes cats . In other words, what makes cats or .

The work at the of in . They 120 cats that lived in 60 . Some cats were the only cat in the house. the house with one, two, or three other cats.

how long does a cat live

Cats often like to be in high to check their

The to know cats felt more when they lived alone or as part of a group. The did not find the exact they were . The of cats in the house did not seem to make much to a cat's level.

,the found that other did . Cats could show if they were not at ease with humancc live checker, did not have space, or did not have food.

In , the found that most cats liked being , or , by . A few did not. As , those cats just away from who out to touch them.

of the cats did not like being , but they let touch them . The found that these cats more of than the .

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KELLY: Dr. says that can do a lot to make sure their cats have happy lives. Most house cats, she says,need to hide and where they feel safe to eat and drink. In other wordshow long does a cat live|The World’s Favorite Pet, they need some . But she notes that they also need to play.

“They are . And we need to be able to them a way in which they can act out those .”

[“Cat, You Come Home”]

For some cats, going . Dr. says some cat have a place near the house where the cat is safe. That place might have walls it,or even be to the house. She calls such “.” The word is a mix “cat” and “patio.”

[“Cathow long does a cat live, You Come Home” ]

STEVE: , a cat will get sick. Dr. says it can be hard for to when their cat is not well. She for any in how your cat is . For ,you might find your cat in a room he has never been in . Orhow long does a cat live, he may sleep in a new place,or start to eat less. He may even start to smellứng dụng live stream 18+ hàn quốc, or make .

Dr. says take your sick cat to the , even if the is for both of you. She says you can make the visit if the cat is not . Let your cat ride in the car — just for fun, she says. And let him play or sleep in the cat at home. That way, the cat will be more when you take him to the .

And that's As It Is. I'm Kelly Jean Kelly.

And I' Ember.

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We had today from Mewer the Cat. Say good byehow long does a cat live, Mewer.

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