how long does a cat live|My name is woof

My name is woof. You think that we have ahow long does a cat live,right?Wrong!I am going to why.

First of allmu chelsea live,weare bored. Bored. bored. And bored. Do you ever think about what a dog does ? . at all. Our are busyhow long does a cat live,,,going to ,away from home . So what are we to do?Watch the house ?Sure. That is like paint dry or . . That’s why we get so when our come home. We run and act as if we are very happy. But we only do this weare bored all day. If we are lucky,our owner take us fora walk.

Then there is the food. We eat food,meal after meal,day after day,weekhow long does a cat live|My name is woof,month after month. Help! like to eat the same thing all the time?Nohow long does a cat livelive nghĩa tiếng việt là gì,not. So what makes you think we dogs like it?Wedon’t. We hate it.

thing-. -. Dogs hate . Our watch thesehow long does a cat live, hour,night after night. Are there any on ?No. Not a one.

So what can we do?What else can wedo but sleep?And so we sleep. We dogs are not lazy,weare bored.

1.Woof may bea.


2.From the ,we know .

A. lives a B. every day

C. likes the food D. hates

3.How many does Woof about?

A.1 B. 2 C.3 D.4


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