how long do pigs live|6扁过去式的英语日记


Today, I still went to my ’s . My was very busy, so was my . They live in . They must get up early. they will the . So I know they are very . So I save my money. Also I help them. I can’t do , but I think I share the work with them. I am one of my . In the , I will take a job and work. It’ time for me to begin to learn how to work.


I have for a week. I began to feel bored. So I went out with my . They are my best in the . We didn’t go to . We just saw the other. We had lunch . While we were lunch, we were still about the new and new . Yes! A year later, we have grown riper. And we much more and got new life. We haven’t time to play, to waste and to lose the way. We only have two years. Two years to go,we will get the real life which to us.


It was than . One of my ’s me to eat red . You must know it is . we will climb the hill to eat red . There is no to eat red in the hill for the who don’t live in . On the hillhow long do pigs live|6扁过去式的英语日记, you can the fresh air,you can birds and you can eat red . It was . It is said there are wild pigs in the hill. What a .


Today must be my lucky day. This our told us a thing: my was very clean the gave us 10how long do pigs live, and I the best . I a lot of when I have the class of Miss Zhang’s enen it is a to .

The best thing I met in the day time is the gave me an name. It is sally, I think it is a name. Do you agree?after the two-day-study,I found that Mr. is very funny and my are .

I’m happy today and I think I will be happy the camp of the .


Today is very hotđánh giá asus zenfone live, and I feel a . But our were very . Our help us to make some nice names,and now each of us has a good name.

Today is my third day here.i feel a tiredhow long do pigs live, but , it’s my first time to leave for such a long time.

6、Today is ,it's very hot,so I stay at home.

I get up early in the .I have at first,next I do my .It's easy for me to it.

After I my ,I spend some of my free time games,it's very .

I likehow long do pigs live,I read books every day.I think books are myhow long do pigs livecách chỉnh video thành live photo,they can teach me many tings,can't they?

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