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wants to that the meat they comes from with on small farms, but when you’re the meat at a store, you have to the of the meat being sold. Even at with a more , it’s not clear how well the are or what their are. This Old Farm local who – meat, it easy for you to find a brand you can trust from the first of a to the last of a .

This Old Farm began as a farm by and Erick Smith. with their , they to build their own just miles from their farm near , (72 miles from ). They now , ,and for 20 farms that a range of porkhow long do pigs live|英语作文《去参观农场》, beef, , lamb, as well as . While “This Old Farm” has grown from the name of a farm to a brand an of farms, they are to – , that each and every of meat lists the exact farm it came from. big they , you will have that to the farms the meat you .

Many of foods raise their these days. It is one of the to make from , and gives them to shout about on their . And while it is one of the more for human , given the issue of – of , it is not the only issue to when the of meat. This Old Farm sets apart from other by only on -based farms.

What does This Old Farm mean by -based? Given that such as “ based” and “free range” have no , there is often about what it means or that ’s are of the even when they know that the of the don’t meet the of the . In the case of This Old Farm, it’s you would , and more.

When I how the pigs were , I they had a barn and a of green grass and mud to run on, just for fun. That would have me. On a tour of the This Old Farm , that the pigs are in the woods, where they are free to all their and their . The areas are into , and the pigs live for so long in each being moved to to them from and all plant life in the woods.

Mud baths are great for your skin, try one today!

This is more labor than them in barns all their life ( a bunch of pigs that yes,yes they do need to get into the to move to woods)how long do pigs liveson 3ce màu live a little, but a and pig. In to all the fun they have (check out the pigs above and below), being in the woods them to for the food. This means that a part of their diet in comes from fresh food and not just grain. Even in the , when the pigs spend most of their time out in barns, their diet of grain,hayhow long do pigs livehow long do pigs livelive stream game trên điện thoại, , and is with at least 15% .

I’m of these pigs right now. Who wants to be a pig with me?

This Old Farm has of their – pork (Jack Hunt and Farm most of the pork to ), as well as a of pork. you get with the pork, plus the fact that they use – (not from China, yo!), – feed.

In the case of beef, – means just about you would : the are on grass. While This Old Farm has with a 100% grass-fed in the past (you may have seen this in our ), his is and the only beef being sold is from a of farms that offer grain- beef. Grain- beef for the last few the to be up to – much more . While many are about the of grain on the , one is that more meat can be on the same of land.

In to the cuts of pork and beef sold at East and Elm, This Old Farm also pork, , , and . If there is a cut of meat you are for that isn’t in store, we can order it! Email at for more on and . Like most of our local ,This Old Farm will cut to orderhow long do pigs live, so if you want a 3 inch thick steak or a six pound pork , we can make it .

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