hold live son|Dying man’s final act was to send a Snap

Two to their son's bed after being told he only had five hours to live.

Paul Crane, 36, who is from , was to , , after a on ,4. His mum and dadnono live truc tiep game, Gill and James Trew to his after being told he had just five hours to live on , 7.

Paul died at , ,from acute liver . The were asked if they to turn off Paul's lifehold live son, which Gill said “was the thing I ever had to do”,.

hold live son

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His final act on was to a from his bed. He died at 5.15pm onhold live son, more than 250 the day, many from of his .

James said his ’s to with was .

hold live son

He said: “He lived his life in the eye and was such a . If you met him once, you would be his .

“He had that wit, full of , and loved to play table with . As Paul spent much of his time ,he knew so many and we’ve had of from the world their .

“We said thathold live son, had you him in a ,by with with the worldhold live son, there would still know him. Once, when Gill and I were the west coast of , we met a local who said they knew from . It out to be Paul – they'd .

hold live son

“In , we news of his death on . By the time we’d home ,there were of .”

Paul was born in and at . After a job inhọc viện cờ bạc live action, he his mum to North Wales, where she was a bar and at a park.

As well as and aunts, Paul step- , 36,andhold live son|Dying man’s final act was to send a Snap, 31. A is being at and a large turn-out is .

well- spoke about how Paul was a “ soul” and an “ young man”. One said: “Paul was loved by so many and up ’s day with his one-

added: “He was such a light in this dark world. had a good hug and and, boy, would he make you laugh!”


hold live son

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