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Real-Time Space in Earth (Beta )


Google Earth space shuttle short ascent preview

A 3D model of the space in Earth.

› STS-135 for Earth

› STS-135 Entry for Earth

You can now track the space and in Earth using real-time data from .

You will need Earth to use this file. Don’t have Earth? .

After you have Earthgoogle earth live, the or a of the STS-135 .

You will be to save/open the file. the “Open” ,and the file will open in Earthgoogle earth live,if you have it .

Using live datatải ruby live,a 3D model of NASA’s space is in Earth to show its and .

Earth the world in 3D withgoogle earth live|NASAqq live là gì,and you can also data. The space – the path that the flies – is shown as a line. It the path that the has flown so far. are shown as dots on the line when and where they . of :There are two : Auto- () and .

Auto- will move with the space as it /lands. the and entry ofgoogle earth live,the view is set to a Chase View or Low View. This is the . This is for the / (“set it and it”) or if you are not with in Earth.

lets the user the view Earth. It will not the Space . This users that are with Earth’s to pan and zoom to view they .

If you click on the dots along thegoogle earth live, a will open to about the ‘s at that point in the .

Earth. .

Google Earth space shuttle long ascent preview

A 3D model of the space in Earth.

› it in Earth



The is not (not ). : How does it work? How old is the data I see it on my ?View I am not in Earth. What is a Mach ?

Google Earth space shuttle entry preview

A 3D model of the space the in Earth.

› it in Earth

The isn’t . &

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