france vs hungary live|Moments In Time (Mem Sofit Remix)

Since 1996, Dirk () is funky under the name of , one of his 。 His style is deep。 to : you can hear of bossa, jazz, house,,, ,drum n bass en dub。 with a warm feel is maybe the best of the sound of 。 has till now。 7 full solo- (Mochafc2 live jp, Our Girl in , Real, Retro Nuevo, In Situ, Nite and Sol y Suave), 2 with and (Jazz Works – for the Blue Note label, Luomo con La da Presa) and one album with the Rocco (Rocco Con )。

Also there were 2 jazz- he did for Blue Note, one mix album he did for Of Sound with Kenny D**e of At Work (Ritmo De ), one mix album with Bossa ( to the Party) and one album with he did for (Late Nite Vol 1)。 Also there is a 3cd- in 2013 (Club ) with hits。

skill at his hand to is born out by the way he to a wide range of . is and his fame as too. The man more then 50 mixes,he for bands as and .

Dirk still his taste for girls (as seen on his ) and warm music. He is now much in as DJ (france vs hungary live, warm and deep ! – afro,bossafrance vs hungary live,housefrance vs hungary live|Moments In Time (Mem Sofit Remix), , beats, dub, drum n bass, hits!.),but can also be as a live-band with his act Bossa. dj- and live-gigs took place in more than 30 . (france vs hungary live, Spain, , ,, , , Malta, ,,,VSfrance vs hungary livelive on tập 8 vietsub, South-, ,, , , , , , Japan, China.)


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