fox news live stream|World's first 5G live broadcast com

With help from ,EE 5G in six the UK onfox news live streamtokyo ghoul live action,,, , , and .

The speed could reach 100-150 Mbps in the area under the EE’s sole C-Band 40MHz based on the test after the , to .

On the same day, the BBC made a of the power of 5G by the world’s first live over 5G.

fox news live stream

in a video by BBC Rory -Jones on . / via

The live was by which in a video by BBC Rory -Jones he went live.

In the video, he the by ,”This is what is gonna us to do the first live over 5G in the UK.”

fox news live stream

Gif via BBC

-Jones swung his body the live to the of the image . But TV else – his right hand was .

-Jones then on that he has been with ‘s .

fox news live stream

TV that -Jones was the live . /Gif via BBC

“I’m good and the are mild right now – so I’m on as . and !” he wrote on .

BBCfox news live stream,Chris Foxfox news live streamtwitter live, to have a great with the by a video using 5G and “super-fast” on .

“Many news link 4G in order to video over ,” Fox wrote in an “5G: EE UK’s next- .”

“But using the 5G ,the BBC’s Rory -Jones was able to in high using just one Sim cardfox news live streamfox news live stream|World's first 5G live broadcast com,” he wrote.

fox news live stream

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