for many people who live|Many people who work in London pref

Many who work in to live it, and to go in to their or every day by train,car or busfor many people who live, even this means they have to get up early in the and reach home late in the .

One of is that are . Even a small flat in a costs quite a lot to rent. With the same money,one can get a house in the with a of one”s own.

Thenfor many people who live,in the one can get away from the noise and hurry of busy lives. Even one has to get up and spend more time in or busesfor many people who live|Many people who work in London pref, one can sleep at night and and on , one can enjoy the fresh, clean air of the . If one likes , one can spend one”s free time , , and doing the and one other jobs which are in a . Then,when the and come upfor many people who livefor many people who live, one has got the with those who have the of .

Some , , take no in : for them,lies in the townlive aex, with its and ,shops and busylive b, dance-halls and . Such would feel that their life was not worth if they had to live it . An (偶尔的) walk in one of the parks and a “s (two weeks) visit to the sea every is all the they want: the rest of the they are quite to spend with those who are glad to get away from every night.

小题1:Which of the is NOT true

A. who love to live the city.

B. who work in to live in the .

C.Some city life to work and live .

D.Many , in , to live the city.

小题2:One can use the same money for to buy a house with a in the .

A. a small flat with a

B. a small flat with a

C. a small flat a

D. a small flat a

小题3:When the and in the come up, those have been . in the

B.have a of their own

C.are busy and

D.have spent time in the

小题4: who think lies in the town would feel that if they had to live .

A.their life was

B.their life was

C.they didn”t need a happy life

D.they ’t sleep late in the

小题5:What does the think of the life in

A.He likes in the city .

B.He to live in the .

C.It isn’t in the .

D.He in the at .

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